Er. Aakif
Head of Design


Master In
Graphic Design, InDesign, 3D Animation ,VFX,Multimedia, Web Layouts,Photoshop, ,Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Flash, Adobe After Effects, Gif Animator,Sencha ExtJS, AJAX,CODEIGNITER, Speed Optimisation and more...

Er. Aakif
Head of Development


Master In
Programming, Development CSS3, HTML5, DHTML, ASP.NET, PHP, Java, Java Script/Query, J2EE, JSP, MySQL, XML, ExtJS, C/C++/C#, Microsoft Visual Studio, CMS, SEO, API Integrations and Implentations and more...

DuhanetAbout Duhanet

Duhanet are a web design company and a web development company. This means that we not only have a focus on making our sites look elegant but also have a focus on building complex and functional websites. Few web design companies build websites well and few web development companies design great websites but as a complete web design agency we can confidently say that we do both extremely well.

Although we have only been really actively trading for around 2 years, we have grown in the middle of a recession and we are now over 15 people in the company (with more to come soon hopefully).

Our company focuses on building trust and long term relationships with our clients.

DuhanetHow We Work

Building long term relationships with our clients is really the core objective of each of the client relationships we start. Some web design companies just want a quick sale with minimum fuss and high turnover of clients. This is not how we work at all.

As an established web design company in India, we have grown by making good long-term business connections with our clients. We do this by always exceeding your expectations and delivering websites that are above and beyond what you were hoping for.

Our whole web design company process is based around working closely with you, the client. You will have access to us through email, telephone and Skype with an emergency 24/7 number for when your site is having issues.

DuhanetOur Mission

Every web design company in India is aiming to make money, but our mission is really to help your busines make more money. We want nice, pleased customers who are happy to recommend us to their friends/business partners.

One of the ways we achieve this is not only as a web design agency, but also as an SEO company. Through our SEO services we can not only provide you the website that is the platform to your success but also help you to drive visitors to that platform.

We are also always accessible to offer you the best advice and help with your website and can even provide services such as content writing to really help your business take off.